Vivirás en mí (You Shall Live in Me) is a documentary and narrative project that delves into the profound experience of confronting the void of aging, leaving behind youth, and stepping into adulthood. Through direct collaborations and chance encounters, de la Quintana captures the essence of wandering souls teetering on the brink of self-discovery. These individuals gaze with uncertainty and ambiguity at the twilight of their youth – a generation adrift in a sea of economic crises, instability, and employment precarity.

            The author's lens focuses on a distinct juncture in life: a remarkably diverse transition period. Within this interval, individuals of the same age traverse vastly different life stages, yet they are connected by a shared thread – the quest for identity and a place to belong.

            What unfolds before us is an undefined life stage, an uncharted moment of transition, a fleeting yet pivotal time when innocence and unrealized dreams meet their end. Vivirás en mí candidly observes how these individuals navigate a landscape of contradictions, blunders, and setbacks. It offers a glimpse into the gradual shedding of innocence and the "inner child," giving birth to a renewed self in the process. This endeavor captures modest fragments of their lives: a portrait of a generation in flux, engaged in a journey of self-definition, amidst the captivating fluidity of time.

            A pivotal aspect of this project lies in the relationship between the depicted individuals and the spaces they inhabit – sanctuaries where they seek refuge and enact rituals that define them. From bustling urban cores to remote corners of nearby woods, these environments have been reclaimed and redefined by these lost youth. These transitional landscapes mirror the essence of the characters that occupy them. It is about small moments, passing people and distant corners, an interlude that unifies, that weaves and unites these seemingly ordinary realities, often overlooked.