Acuñado en las Afueras (Shaped by the Suburbs) is the first project of Juan de la Quintana. In it, the author portrays the outskirts of the small and northern city of Umeå, capital of the Västerbotten province, as well as the uncommon hobby of its inhabitants to collect classic American cars.

            Throughout this project the viewer can appreciate how seasons affect the urban landscape: winter is summed up in a continuous night with small sketches of a sun that never rises properly. While summer is the opposite; A sun rising from the north, encircling the city and sinking back to where it came from, only to rise again after a few hours of twilight. This misplaced lighting, coupled with extreme seasons that come and go, produces a dreamlike setting, a changing and untamed landscape that never stays the same

            This, in addition to the striking desire of the Swedes to collect classic American cars, shapes scenes that could be extracted from a lucid dream. Here, in the suburbs of a modest northern and unknown Scandinavian town, the merging of the minimalist Swedish design with the elegance of the American automobile is possible, giving birth to the most diverse and unlikely aesthetic symbiosis one could expect.